Leskovac - Bregenz - Dornbirn - LUSTENAU

Check timetable for Leskovac - Bregenz - Dornbirn - LUSTENAU


 Novi Sad 
 St. Anton am Aribe 
FromToOne way ticketReturn ticket
Leskovac, VlasotinceLandeck, St. Anton am Aribe5.850,0080,0010.800,00120,00
Frastanz, Lustenau6.120,0080,0010.800,00120,00
BeogradLandeck, St. Anton am Aribe4.950,0070,008.460,00100,00
Frastanz, Lustenau5.040,0070,009.000,00100,00
Novi SadLandeck, St. Anton am Aribe4.500,0065,007.830,0095,00
Frastanz, Lustenau4.950,0065,008.460,0095,00



Return ticket is valid for 6 months since start of travel.
Children under 8 years receive discount of 50%.
Luggage fee: the first 3 pieces are free of charge, each additional piece is 15€ or 1400din.

Info phones

  • In Belgrade: contact
  • Phone on bus : 062-200-185 and 0043-66-49-465-241

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